Carolina Nephrology | Kidney Transplant
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Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant can be a great solution for people with End Stage Renal Disease. It allows them to stop dialysis and often lead a more active lifestyle. At Carolina Nephrology we believe early transplant referral is crucial to receiving a timely kidney transplant. We work closely with all the transplant centers in our area including MUSC, Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Emory in Atlanta, Prisma and others.

Becoming active on the kidney transplant list can be a long frustrating process and we at Carolina Nephrology will help you navigate that terrain.


Once a patient has a kidney transplant, they will be followed closely by the transplant center for at least a year. The kidney transplant center will closely monitor kidney function, medication levels, and watch for potential complications.

About a year after kidney transplant, the transplant centers will transfer care back to us. At that point, we will work in conjunction with the transplant team to provide you the best possible post-transplant kidney care.