Carolina Nephrology | Our Partners
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Our Partners

The Rader Ward Foundation

The mission of The Rader Ward Foundation is to provide scholarship support for creative children who will benefit from an alternate educational philosophy, such as Montessori, as they lay the foundation for lifelong learning in elementary and middle school.
Rader’s parents, William and Susan Ward, created the Rader Ward Foundation following his death from suicide in June 2017. Although he was a bright and talented student who continued to make good grades, discouragement about the rigidity of the traditional public school educational model—and a concurrent increase in social anxiety—seemed to be a factor in the unhappiness and dissatisfaction that led to Rader ending his life.

We know that for certain children, the option of attending a school operating with an alternative educational philosophy can be absolutely life-changing. We want to offer the opportunity for a student-centered education to other creative children whose families may not have the financial means to provide it.

CP Daily Living

Dr. Shusterman, a nephrologist with Carolina Nephrology, and his family are on a very special journey with his daughter who has cerebral palsy. He and his wife share their highs & lows, experiences & extensive knowledge daily. Please take a moment to view

CPNOW Advancing Neurorecovery

The mission of CPNOW is to optimize the lifelong health, wellness and inclusion of people with cerebral palsy and their families.

We will accomplish this by creating educational resources, hosting wellness campaigns/activities and funding promising research focused on addressing the diversity of symptoms and conditions related to having cerebral palsy. Together with the CP community and our professional partners, we will work to advance neurorecovery, wellness and ongoing support for individuals and their families.