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In the Community

Living Kidney Donor Program

The Living Kidney Donor Program extends a unique sense of hope and a renewed opportunity in life to many in our community. Within South Carolina alone, there are over 650 individuals waiting for such an opportunity and the chance for a normal life.

At the forefront of the program are kidney donors, who through their generosity extend life to those with irreversible health conditions. What sets living donors apart, though, are the improved circumstances for transplant. Unlike traditional organ donations, those from living donors result in significantly higher success rates while providing doctors and patients with the time needed to prepare.

Furthermore, the selfless act of organ donation frees up the waiting list and brings those that remain one step closer to receiving a donation of their own. Carolina Nephrology supports, an organization that promotes organ donation. Carolina Nephrology has also partnered with MUSC to raise awareness about this life-changing opportunity.

CP Daily Living

Dr. Shusterman, a nephrologist with Carolina Nephrology, and his family are on a very special journey with his daughter who has cerebral palsy. He and his wife share their highs & lows, experiences & extensive knowledge daily. Please take a moment to view